Call for Amnesty!

The tragic fire of December 2 at Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse claimed the lives of our loved ones. In the wake of Friday night’s loss, many members of our community are fearful that we will lose our spaces and homes.

We do not want to live in unsafe spaces, but they are the ones we need and can afford. Access to space is is vital for collaboration, creation, and refuge. Creative space is what drives a diverse, vibrant arts community, and is essential to the cultural health of the area.

To save our spaces, the City of Oakland should immediately:

  • Proclaim a period of amnesty during which evictions from our spaces are barred
  • Create an independent task force to evaluate conditions in our spaces and bring them up to code.
  • Prevent displacement of artists during periods of repair, or assist them with temporary relocation if needed.
  • Procure new community spaces for each building that is deemed unsafe.