Gray Area-managed Preventative Pro Bono Services form

“This form is for organizations interested in offering pro bono services to those living in dangerous conditions in order to sustain their life and artistic practice. Gray Area is currently using its resources to organize direct relief for victims and families; however we feel deeply that the events surrounding Ghost Ship highlight issues around affordable housing and support for artist spaces. We are eager to organize around these issues, and are moved by the many individuals and firms already offering their services to artists who struggle to practice their work in safe conditions. Our immediate focus are those affected by the tragic fire, but we are eager to work with you and the rest of our Bay Area creative community provide important services and support.”

Pacific Center Offers Free Counseling & Memorial Space

Pacific Center Press Release: Supporting the Ghost Ship Family


When there really are no words of comfort, the one thing we must do is rise and be there for one another. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe and holding one another close.

The Medical Director for Alameda County Behavioral Health came by our office early this morning and specifically asked for our help because he thought perhaps half of the missing people had ties to the local queer community. As of this morning, we have been told there are 89 people on the “missing list” and most of the work entails being with families who are bringing in DNA samples. We know of one current Pacific Center client and one partner of a former intern here who are on that list and presumed lost, and we suspect there will be many others with ties to the local queer community, based upon the information so far.

1. In response, our clinical director, Louise Monsour is working with the county and we are coordinating therapists to specifically help LGBTQQI 2-Spirit families and loved ones who are showing up at the burned ruins, and waiting. Pacific Center will provide emotional support at the Family Assistance Center from 12pm-6pm daily. The Family assistance Center is located at 2425 E 12th Street, in the Alameda County Building. For more info on the fire, links to resources, and phone numbers for support services: or

2. We will have an ongoing, no cost, grief and trauma support group here every Saturday at 11 AM, starting this Saturday, December 12th. We have committed to continue those groups throughout 2017.

3. If family/loved ones need a space to hold a memorial we will provide it at no charge.

Finally, our doors are open to everyone. You are welcome to stop by…have a cup of tea…talk… or simply be still. We are here for all of us. Licensed therapists who want to help at the official family support center should contact, rather than our clinical people so that they may focus on the work they must do.

Much love and strength,
Leslie Ewing,
Executive Director
Pacific Center for Human Growth’s mission is to provide mental health and wellness support programs for the LGBTQQI 2-Spirit communities. We are located at 2712 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley CA 94705