Funds, Fundraisers and Collections

The major funds and what we know about them

Gray Area Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire

  • Organizer: Gray Area Foundation
  • Contact person: Josette Melchor, Director
  • Their plan for the money: Updated 12/8 From rep Alona Esposito “We are working with and meeting the Red Cross to discuss strategy and to ensure there is no overlap in our efforts – they are managing the fund that was set up by the Oakland A’s, and Gray Area is managing the donations that come through [our link]. We are trying to make sure that the distributions that come from each fund support each other and minimize red tape for the victims” and from YouCaring page “We are receiving contact information, through the Mayor’s Office, the Coroner’s office and the Red Cross. However, since we are deeply connected to so many who are directly affected by this tragedy, we are also beginning to collect our own information about those affected for committee review.”
  • If you need money from this fund: Start by filling out Gray Area’s intake form here:

Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders joint fundraising effort

  • Organizer: Oakland A’s
  • Contact person: American Red Cross 510-595-4441  and 510-382-3000
  • Their plan for the money: We’ll update this as we clarify info.From Cynthia Shaw, Chief Communications & Marketing OfficeAmerican Red Cross Northern California Coastal Region: “The Oakland Athletics Community Fund is working in conjunction with the mayor’s office and the Red Cross to ensure that funds are distributed to the families of those who lost their lives, d individuals who experienced serious medical trauma escaping the fire, and those who were displaced by the fire. The Red Cross is not managing that fund. The A’s have asked the Red Cross to simply distribute the money to those impacted as our caseworkers meet with each client/family. 100% of the funds are going to those impacted. The Red Cross is not taking any portion.The Red Cross has also provided initial financial support to those impacted from our Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for initial lodging, incidentals, other expenses and continues to provide mental health, spiritual care and health support. Our caseworkers will continue to check-in with them over the weeks and months to come to ensure they have the resources and support they need.

    Finally, the Red Cross is referring those impacted to the County’s Victim and Witness program and the Tzu Chi Buddhism Foundation who are also providing financial support to those impacted as well as the Gray Area Foundation to apply for those funds.”

  • If you need money from this fund: Start by calling the American Red Cross 510-595-4441  and 510-382-3000

Funds for individuals and small groups

Trans Assistance Project
Behalf of: Feral Pines, Cash Askew, and Em Bohlka
Contact person:

As You Like It Family Memorial
Behalf of: Amanda Allen Kershaw, Chelsea Faith Dolan, and Johnny Igaz
Contact person: Jeremy Bispo

Fund for the Twin Daughters of Alex Ghassan
Behalf of: Alex Frantz Ghassan
Contact person: Philippe Pierre-Paul

Fund for Alex Vega’s family
Behalf of: Alex Vega
Contact person: Daniel Vega

Amanda (Allen) Kershaw family help
Behalf of: Amanda Allen Kershaw
Contact person: Andy Kershaw

Fund for family of Ara Jo
Behalf of: Ara Jo
Contact person: Tina Marie

Support for Leisa, Sunny, and Chris
Behalf of: Cash Askew
Contact person: Margaret Hitchcock

Chase “Nex Iuguolo” Memorial
Behalf of: Chase/Nex Iuguolo
Contact person: Christina Ruiz

David Last Support Fund
Behalf of: Chelsea Faith Dolan
Contact person: Kara Fleisher, Eric Bateman, and Alex Head

Support Fund for Chelsea Dolan’s Family
Behalf of: Chelsea Faith Dolan
Contact person: Joe Fox & Josey Rose Duncan

David Cline – Burial/Family Support
Behalf of: David Cline
Contact person: Samohi Vball

Memorial Fund For Donna Kellogg
Behalf of: Donna Kellogg
Contact person: Amber Parks

The Madden Family Support Page
Behalf of: Griffin Madden
Contact person: MJ Bernier

Nick Gomez-Hall album sales profit share
proceeds from purchases of Drainer or Glider Heaven on Nightmom’s Bandcamp will go to family members of Nick Gomez-Hall
Behalf of: Nick Gomez-Hall
Contact person: Travis Lloyd

Nicole Siegrist’s Family Fund
Behalf of: Nicole Siegrist
Contact person: Chelsea Wittwer

Sara Hoda funeral arrangements
Behalf of: Sara Hoda
Contact person: Michael Low

Louisa LeMauviel Support Fund
Behalf of: Travis Hough
Contact person: Alex Head, Eric Bateman and Kara Fleisher

Travis Hough Fund
Behalf of: Travis Hough
Contact person: Yannis Valencia Houser

Valentyn Edgewood Relief Fund
Behalf of: Barrett Clark
Contact person: Ethan Port and Katabatik

Vanessa Plotkin Memorial
Behalf of: Vanessa Plotkin
Contact person: Adam Alperin


Fundraising events and collection efforts

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